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30 December 2009 @ 11:54 am
Rant:-- All for the sake of felt...  
I walked two hours in the blazing sun  to the nearest (which was not very near... -___-;) craft store so I could buy skin colored felt. I want to start making plushies so badly. D: I'm so pissed off that they didn't have any gray felt so Goku's hair will have to be pure white. (OTL, like an old man, I guess.)

Here's the list of chars I will be making (attempting to make):
1. 80-- (because I didn't have skin colored felt, I cut out very light brown. 8D He's kind of tan right?)
2. 18-- (I love him. <3)
3. 59-- (He's my muse~~ but he's one of the more difficult to make. >: cus of his hair)

ROFL. D: OTL. I'm afraid of the day that I finish making them. They won't have any clothes. ;_;

Fight on, Kyun, you still have your youth to start learning how to sew...
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