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19 January 2010 @ 07:19 pm
Rant:-- Getting back into pokemon...AGAIN... The journey through pokemon...  
Age 8;
Fell in love with pokemon
The dubs were horribly done but I still loved it because I was naive.
It was the first taste of anime~

Age 9:
Tape recorded every single new episode on Saturdays (This was probably around the Johto region or the Island tournaments, etc.)
Got pokemon cards (a lot of it)
Started to collect pokemon game, first game ever: Crystal (Got up to a level 100 Typlosion, kept beating Elite four whenever I'm out of cash, this caused me to have a slight bias towards Wataru (or Lance))
Created verbal stories with sister about the protagonist in Crystal (the girl) going on a journey with her triplet sisters. (We were obsessed with twins/ triplets/ -insert any number-lets.)
Established Character x OC in said verbal stories; OCs were so freakishly mary-sue and unbelievably. (ex: "WE HAVE A LUGIA~~ 8D!! AND WE RIDE ON IT LIKE A PLANE~!")

Age 10:
Hoenn probably came out.
Stopped watching anime, more concentrated on the games, Ruby and Sapphire
Bought a ton of Ruby and Sapphire because I could only save one file on the game and I didn't want to overwrite anything
Completely had Hayato, Matsuba, and Wataru as complete favorites (because they aren't old people. XD; )

Age 10-13:
completely disinterested in Pokemon
deemed it boring as more and more pokemon and new regions came out
Personally, I don't like the new regions, but pokemon isn't limited to only one region, seeing how there is a world, but I wonder about the new people's crazy hairstyles and fashion... o_O
Bought Diamond and Pearl but ended up giving up playing the game after walking through the first route

Age 14:
Decided to be a bit nostalgic and downloaded the old game music from GSC/ RBY and got sentimental over it
Downloaded a computer gameboy and downloaded Crystal to play for old time's sake since my current Crystal is stuck in front of Lugia (it always die with my Electabuzz...)
Decided to pull up the old stories of triplets x 3characters but eliminated two of the triplets... one is enough. ^^
Started to write stories that evolved around Wataru and Krisu (or Kris)
Drew pictures of the trio: Wataru, Hayato, Matsuba (in a 'good friend' way)
Tried to find love interests with Matsuba and Hayato (like Mikan (Jasmine) and Akane (Whitney)) but figured, hey, they look pretty good together (if not single), smash them together to make Honorshipping (hell I don't know how these relates, what with all the shippings anyways? ._.)

Age 15:
Getting back into pokemon again, this time proceeding to read Pokemon Special
Completely fell in love with the character plots and designs
Love Red and Green the most (but I have yet to get to the GSC arc)
Drawing better drawings than last year
Most likely to write more fanfictions

I'm so going to change my user icons soon... 8D